रविवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2010

The Tailor And The Elephant

Once upon a time,there lived a tailor. His name was "Dayasagar."He was indeed 'an ocean of compassion", besides this, he was also hard working.Whenever he use to sitfor sewing clothes ,an elephant would come evrydayand stand near him. The tailor would daily give him something to eat. As a result, the elephant wol daily take him for aride. The elephant become so much fond of the tailor that, he would come everyday.

One day, the tailor had gone outside for work. He was unable to come to the shop.He told his son to sit in the shop. The next day,as the son opened the shop,the elephant came near the shopand stood there. The tailor's son was very mischievous.The elephant drew his trunk before the boy to take elephant food for him ,but the boy pierced needles in the elephant's trunk.The elephant got furious but went away silently.He went near pond, and tookn dirty water in his trunk,threafter returned back in the tailor's shop. The boy saw him arriving again. He thought of again piercing needle in this trunk,so that it woud not dare to come to that shop again.

The moment,the elephant enteredthe shop ,it threw the dirty water in the shop .All the clothes kept in the tailor's shop became dirty. Now the boy repented for his mistake.



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